About Altra Web Design and Marketing

Our Website Design Staff

Altra Web Design is a full time professional web design firm with myself, my wife Jody and another full time designer.  We also employ the services of a couple local developers when needed on special projects.

Larry Tartisel, Ventura County Website DesignerLarry Tartisel, Lead Website Design & Development, Owner

As the owner of the company, I am the main person that most of our clients work with.  I provide the direction to ensure we build websites for our small business clients that generate tangible and measurable revenues for their companies.

I have been building websites for about 15 years, since my days at All-City Computers, here in Camarillo.  After leaving the computer company, I started a small business marketing consulting and services business, Altra Marketing.  I transitioned the company to exclusively creating custom website for my small business clientele since 2009.  I no longer provide my consulting service and only focus on web design and development.

I have over 25 years of marketing and advertising experience as a prior business owner of a commercial printing company, marketing director, general manager positions, advertising sales, agency work and more.  Each of my positions entailed a significant amount of marketing skill and experience.  Today, I use those skills while I integrate them into each website we build for our clients.

Jody Tartisel, Owner of Altra Web Design, CamarilloJody Tartisel, Website Design, Office Manager, Owner

Jody is my wife and partner in the business.  Her hands are in many of the websites that we create in so many different ways.  She is instrumental in setting up our website frameworks, writing and editing content, and Search Engine Optimizations within our websites.

Jody is also very good at keeping the office and our workflow running smoothly.  She corresponds with our clients on the phone and by email.  She also handles most of the billing and bookkeeping responsibilities.  Her most valuable asset to the company is that she is excellent at keeping our website design projects smoothly running on track and on time.

Brian, Camarillo Website Designer, Photo for WebsiteBrian Dalgarn, Website Design & Development

Brian and I have known each other since our days at All-City Computers here in Camarillo.  He first started coming into the store at age 12 or so and we finally hired him part time while he went to high school at age 13.  He was a very upbeat, helpful and intelligent employee and frequently helped me on our company website, newsletter and other marketing.

At Altra, Brian helps with everything from content, client communication, website design, Photoshop work, Dreamweaver and WordPress.  He is an outstanding addition to our company because he helps us achieve our vision of highly effective websites for our small business clientele.

Websites Design and Development for Ventura County Small Businesses

In 2002, I started Altra Marketing & Web Services as a full time venture focusing mainly on small business marketing consulting and services.  My 25+ years of experience in owning, managing and marketing small businesses helped make that consulting business successful.  In about 2008-2009, I switched the focus of the business away from consulting completely and exclusively build websites.  My enjoyment and growth in the business of designing websites pushed me into this direction as I believe we all should be doing what we love — when possible.

We have designed 100’s of websites for small businesses

Since the time I started full time in the business, we have created a few 100 websites.  Each website we design is for small businesses (with only one exception).  We best serve the small business website angle because we deliver the greatest benefits to this niche.  We have worked especially hard to automate and structure our workflow to meet the demand of an affordable price for small business websites.  We are not the cheap web design firm because when you cut out too much effort, you strip the website of its effectiveness.  We want you to have a website that truly streams you new customers regularly, and NOT a website that looks pretty but doesn’t create revenue.

We are focused on results driven websites

Our sole focus is on designing websites that do two things very well: 1) Attract prospects for you through proper Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) strategies and methods.  Almost all of our small business clients that serve a local geography are in the top spots on the first page of Google.  2) Create a high conversion percentage of visitors that turn into actual customers for our client’s websites.  What good is all that traffic, if they don’t buy?

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your small business website, please call or email us a quote request today.