How Does a Small Business Benefit from an Altra Website?

We are much more than just a website designer or developer. Altra is a marketing company. When we build websites we are looking at the project from more than one viewpoint. Most designers look at graphics and presenting the information logically. Altra looks at a website from this viewpoint.

We work only with small businesses. We are intimately familiar with the needs of most small businesses. You need things to be done fast. You need things done without a lot of hassle for you. You definitely need the project to be affordable. You also need your website to be an investment that returns long-term dividends for your business.

How do we make your site look the best among all of your competitors? We use an effective blend of graphics and marketing sense. We really want your website to be the “Only Real Choice” for your prospective customers. Therefore, we work diligently to make your site unique and a much better image than your competitors.

We make the website easy to navigate allowing your visitors to find the information they are looking for easily. We present your information persuasively with marketing intelligence that motivates users to call or come into your business. We are specialists at Geo-Targeting, which means we can get local customers into your business if you are a local business. We also offer photography of your company, staff, or products at much more affordable rates than a commercial photographer would.


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