Why Choose Altra?

Larry Tartisel, Ventura County Website Designer
Owner of Altra Web Design,
Larry Tartisel

First, I want to thank you for considering my company for your website design project. My staff and I are grateful you are here to learn more about how we can help. Over the last several years, we have created 100’s of custom designed websites specifically for small businesses in Ventura County and beyond.

On this page, I detail the most important reasons that we have done so well in the business and regularly receive referrals from our clients.  My overall my objective for our services is to provide high quality, professional, polished, and customized websites that generate greater revenues than most websites out there.

Please take a moment to look at some of the highlights of our company and why we make a great choice for your website design project.

Thank you, Larry Tartisel
Owner, Altra Web Design, Camarillo, CA

1) Highly effective SEO that gets your site to the top

Search Engine Optimization GraphicWhat good is an outstanding website if you don’t get your potential customers to see it? With success from over 300 small business websites getting to the top spots in Google, we’ve become experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). While we can’t guarantee it (no SEO company can), our track record says we can usually get your site to the top.

2) Well designed websites that converts traffic to sales

Couple looking at our website on an iPadWhat good is great search engine placement when your site doesn’t make the most of the visitors?  We are laser-focused on turning your visitors into customers, patients or clients that pay your company money. This is the top reason for OUR existence as a web design company — to produce results for you.  This Conversion Ratio is a complicated challenge for each website and we understand the elements that make the difference in your website.

3) We make your website design project EASY ON YOU!

Slider for We Write your website content

Most of our clients have told us that this is the number one reason they love our service.  We write all of the content and handle all of the details for you.  That way, you continue doing your business while we customize your site to exacting quality standards.  We are best qualified to write most content for our clients anyway because we inject proven, trusted marketing strategies while employing effective SEO into the content.

4) We make it easy to edit your website to save you money and time

In the time it takes to call us and explain your changes, you could have already changed your website (in most cases).  We definitely don’t mind billing you for and providing this service for you, but we do mind that you don’t have the choice.  So, we give you the choice to edit it yourself or hire us (or anyone else).  This means you can add blog articles, portfolios, add new services, promotions, or photos — YOURSELF — quickly and easily (really!)

5) 25+ years of marketing sense built into your website.

I have spent more than 25 years in the marketing and advertising world and with my own small business and helping 100’s of other small businesses clients.  Fortunately for you, this knowledge is NOT pushed out of my mind when I am creating your website.  My fingers are in every website we build, whether I did all the work or only some of it.  Each site is reviewed by me to make sure it will be as effective as possible.

Call today for a no charge, consultation to see how your company can benefit with an Altra Website.