The Altra Marketing Bridge

Today, getting prospective customers to use your company has several steps that you must pay attention to. Done poorly, you make it easy for your competitors to capture and keep those prospects. Paying attention to the elements inside of the Altra Marketing Bridge, though, helps you successfully convert your prospects into real customers. This makes the process simple.

When visitors like your site, Google likes you better

Google knows which websites please their searchers better and they deliver those sites above others because of it. This article touches on using Google’s powerful Analytics tool that is freely available for every website owner to track a HUGE amount of very usable information. This is a very useful article if you’re a small business owner that wants to outperform your competitors in the search engines and with your website results.

If you wouldn’t hire a grumpy receptionist, don’t use a grumpy website

You know that your business would not convert many prospects into customers if you had a grumpy, impatient, or rude employee that answers your phones or greets your customers, Right? Well so many websites for small businesses do just that. The result of a poorly executed website is poor prospect-to-customer conversions. This article discusses how important it is to have a site that converts well and what can be done to accomplish that.