How to rank well in the search engines for a local business

Most information about SEO is NOT tailored to the small business

Small Business Owner in her businessDid you know that many of our small business clients rank in the top spots in the search engines without having to pay for it monthly?  It’s true because we employ specific search engine optimization strategies that work for a small business that is dealing locally.  There is a huge difference between this type of small business and one that is trying to attract business nationwide among 100’s of other competitors.

Here are the most essential SEO points to understand

Google wants to put the better companies at the top of their results pages.  The reason for this is because it is a reflection on their image.  They are continually striving to put the better companies at the top so that the searchers have a better experience AND return to Google again for future searches.  It has worked for them, quite well too.  Google has more than 80% of the search engine traffic as of the writing of this page.

So, Google wants to put the best companies at the top, but Google doesn’t call all the companies to see which is better.  Instead, they use their technology to learn information about every website and company on the web.  The first thing they want to learn is what your company does, what services you offer, products sold, areas you serve, and so on.

They will learn this information directly from the content on your website.  If you want your company to be found somewhere in the results list for a search of Tree Trimming Simi Valley, then you MUST have that phrase or words in your site.  If Google doesn’t find it there, you’re not going to be found for those words.  Each page has the opportunity to tell Google where you belong in their index of web pages.

When we create your website, we utilize 100’s of opportunities to tell Google which terms you want to be found for.  This is the most important aspect of SEO because without it, all the rest is pointless.  In most of the cases of our small-business-locally-dealing clients this is about 80% to 95% of the job of getting them to the top of the search engine result pages.

If your well optimized site has multiple competing well optimized sites it becomes a strategy of external factors.  By this, I mean methods that don’t involve your website, but other things on the web.  One of the most important items is link building.  Google favors websites that have a lot of links coming into it from other websites.  Each link is a vote for your website to go up the list.  The next strategy to employ is Social Media.

Google views a company with a serious website, with a high quality score, with many inbound links to it, and a broad web footprint  as a substantial, well deserving company.  As a result, they will put you to the top.

Often, when we optimize your site correctly, these external factors are not even needed.  Our clients often rank in the top spots.  However, don’t rest on your laurels, because soon enough, your competitors will run in front of you with their better SEO practices.