If you wouldn’t hire a grumpy receptionist, don’t use a grumpy website

Grumpy people are like grumpy websitesHow many times have you searched for a local business in Google, found a company in the list and clicked on the link?  But, only to find the website you’re visiting is hard to navigate, you can’t easily find the answers to your questions, or even became overwhelmed with all the screams for attention on the page.

What did you do when you found websites like this?  That’s right you clicked the back button.  That’s called a bounce.  You clicked on the link and bounced back to the list of links.  Bounces are bad.

A conversion is good though.  So what is a conversion?  It’s when your site visitor feels good at your site and finds the information they were looking for easily and quickly.  A conversion means a site visitor converted into a person that contacts you either by phone, a visit or an email.  Once that contact with you is made, you also have a conversion to make — take that contact and convert it to a sale for your business.

So, why do some sites convert more site visitors into customers?

Simply, they give the prospective customer what they need.  Site visitors have some top-of-mind questions when they are looking into buying from your type of company.  You just want to make sure you give them that information without them having to hunt for it.  You also want to present it in such a way that they clearly understand.

Some of the questions your site visitors may have include:

  • Does this company provide the service/product that I am looking for?
  • Does this company provide the service in my area?
  • What makes this company, product or service different from my other choices?
  • How do I find out more information and contact them.

These are just a few examples, but some pretty good ones.  Does your site do this right away?  If not, it might be time to revisit your site’s layout and design.

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