Make typing your long email address easier on your iPhone

Save time with iPhone Text Replacement

One of the most common things we type in our phone is our email address and this can be tedious work if you have a long email address.  So, here’s a quick tip that can make it easier: add the email address to your Text Replacements and use a shortcut.   For example, instead of typing, I simply type [email protected] and see a prompt for my email address.  I press the space button, then it appears.

You can use this for any long or complicated bits of text too.  For example, you can create a variety of email signatures or anything that saves you time.

Here are the steps to creating Text Replacement Shortcuts:

  1. Setting up a text replacement on the iPhone screenshotTap Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> Text Replacements
    (A shortcut to get here is at the top of the Settings screen is a hidden search field, pull down on the screen to reveal it then type “Keyboard”)
  2. Click the + symbol in the upper right of the screen.
  3. Phrase: Type in the phrase that you want your shortcut to replace here.
  4. Shortcut: Type in a shortcut for the phrase.  Use something that you wouldn’t normally use in a conversation, like [email protected] or emailgo or supportsig, etc.
  5. Test it out

I hope you enjoy this little quick tip!