Helpful websites to help you grow your business

Here are a few of my favorite companies that I like to refer to my clients.  Many of my clients use them to help in their efforts to grow their online presence.


Hootsuite is a website that makes the process of pushing your articles out to your Social Media pages so easy you don’t even know you’re doing it.  Once you have your HootSuite account and settings configured, your blog articles within your websites will automatically feed out to your selected Social Media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and more!  Learn more how to schedule and automatically publish 100s of your messages to your social media accounts with HootSuite

We can configure and setup your HootSuite account for you.  Give us a call to hire us to set up your account for you.

InMotion Hosting

As a web designer, I work with scores of different website hosting companies.  By far the best one I have worked with is InMotionHosting.  They have comparable pricing to most of the other world class host providers, but their 24/7  service is way up at the top of the list.  They only have US based tech support that really know their stuff.  They are not pushy sales people like you get at other companies (I won’t mention names but I’ll give you a hint: it starts with G and ends with oDaddy).  With the highest uptime and an easy to use control panel (yes, it’s cPanel), their system is the best.

I Recommend the Business Class Hosting Power package.  It’s just right for most business hosting of WordPress websites and more.