How to be #1 in Search Engines

How to be number one in Search Engine Results?

Search Engine Optimization GraphicThere are two main ways to get to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  The first is to purchase your way there with PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising.  With PPC, you create a monthly budget and spend it by paying each time a potential customer clicks on your ad link.  This can be a great method to shortcut the process of longer term, more affordable methods of Good SEO.

The second way is to use Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  This is simply adding quality content to your website with words that searchers actually use to find your type of business, product or service.  For many small businesses that deal locally, this is often enough to put you in the top spot in the search engines (when done properly and effectively).  If, however, your competition locally and in your industry is stronger and more serious about their web presence, you will need to employ tactics outside of your website — ADDITIONALLY.

The other methods would be to build links to your site naturally by getting other websites to link to your website.  You can also get your site listed with numerous listing and review sites too.  All of it counts.  Then, move on to Social Media.  When you have a more active social media presence, Google views you as a more substantial company that they want to be at the top of the list.

Obviously, this is a very rough outline of the process.  For some businesses, following this outline can be easy and quick, while others find it time consuming and challenging.  This just depends on your industry, where you serve, and your competition.

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The bottom line for SEO is to make your business look active and substantial to Google.  They put those companies at the top of the list because they feel their customers (the searchers) will be better served.

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