Complete Website Backups

Database backup conceptJust like any digital storage device, your website can suffer data corruption and data loss without warning. Applying updates can also cause issues if the updates have not been thoroughly tested or you are working with a custom plugin. If this happens and you don’t have a current backup, your site could be down for days or even weeks while a new website is created or changes are made to an old, outdated backup in an effort to bring it up to date. Don’t let this happen to your business!

Did you know that most web hosting companies do not automatically backup your website and data?

They backup a lot of their hosting-related information like access logs, traffic reports and more but what they do not backup is your website data, this is strictly your responsibility!

How often should I backup my website?

We generally recommend that most of our clients do a complete site backup twice a year. If your website is updated frequently, you may want to backup quarterly or even monthly. It depends on how much work you would have to recreate should you encounter data loss, corruption, or catastrophic server failure.

Backing up your website is fast, easy and affordable!

Altra Web Design can backup your website quickly, easily and affordably. Within a matter of hours of ordering our backup service, we e-mail you links to your backup files so you can download them to your computer or offsite storage device for safe keeping. We also keep a copy of your backup on our servers for an added layer of protection.

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