Website Design & Development

We build Responsive Websites that get results

At Altra Web Design, we emphasize effective web design that drives the right prospects to your website and converts them into your customer, client or patient.  We ask “What’s the point of having a website that looks pretty but doesn’t generate any business for you?”  We are very serious about your website being an investment that pays you dividends constantly, rather than just an expense.

We do it all for you, making it very easy on you and your staff

Here at Altra Web Design, all we ask of you is for a comprehensive interview to fully understand your business, a check and your logo and photos if you have them.  We take care of all the rest.  Here’s what we normally do for a web design project:

  1. WE WRITE ALL OF YOUR CONTENT FOR YOU!  While most web designers ask you how your website should be and what to say, we’re here to make it much easier on you.  We write all of the content for you because we are the professionals at making the content perform well from a marketing aspect and because it is your number one source for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  We can do this because you and I have a thorough interview to discover all we need to write a convincing website that highlights all of your most important features and benefits.  We want to know who your customers are, where they come from, who your competitors are and why your customers buy from you.  We want to know all of your services and products and we want to know how you best motivate them to action in your business.  We take all of that information and we construct an effective website that makes your company look great.
  2. We do the SEO for you.  Search Engine Optimization is the practice of getting your website into the top spots of the search engines (aka Google) for the words and phrases that real prospects would use to find your company.  With Altra Web Design, there is no need to hire an outside company to do your SEO, we do it for you!  And, ALMOST ALL of our small business clients that deal locally are in the top spots in Google!
  3. We produce a logo and branding elements if you need them.  If you don’t yet have a good logo, or your’s needs improvements, we can do that for you too.  See our logo design portfolio here.
  4. We provide photography and video too.  If you’re a Southern California client of ours, we’ll even include photography and video into your website.  We offer this to make sure we can truly personalize your site which greatly increases the results.  We have provided the photography for many of our clients.  It makes the most sense for us to do this for you because we know what is needed in the website to make it effective.

We make your website editable by you or your staff.

Rather than tying you into an on-going contract with us (which we don’t offer) we make your site in such a way that you can edit it easily and quickly.  We make it so that it take less time to change something in your website as it does for you to call us and explain to us what you need.  This saves you hassle, time and MONEY!  But, remember, we are always here for any change or updates you may need when you don’t have the time.  We give you the choice, though, instead of forcing you to always call us for changes.

How we keep your website cost low and affordable

In the last ten years, we have built 100’s of quality, custom websites ALL for small businesses ONLY.  Because of our efforts, most of them are in the top 1-3 spots in Google and generate a stream of new business every month for our clients.  To do this for you we must build a website that is professional, custom, personalized and that creates positive emotions with your prospects.  But this practice can be quite time-consuming and that would usually cost you more money.  However, over the years we have accumulated software, code and other improvements that help us more rapidly develop your website.  Because of this, we’ve been able to deliver a much better website than ever, that costs much less to produce.

We have no ongoing fees to maintain your website!

Many of our clients ask us about our monthly fees.  We DON’T have them.  When you choose Altra Web Design as your website designer, you get a quality website for one simple price and no on-going fees or contracts.  “But,” you ask “what about when i need a change?”  First we show you how to be in control of your website and make changes quickly and EASILY.  Second, you can always call us if the task is a special challenge, or you don’t have the time.  Here’s the good part, we only charge for the exact amount of minutes it takes us to make the change.  We wait until you have a bill of $100 before we even send an invoice too!  That’s right no minimums as many designers do, we only charge you for the real time we spent — and man are we fast!

It’s important to point out, though, we’re not the cheap web design company that just builds you a website.  We build websites the truly generate revenue for your business and there is a HUGE difference between the two.

25 years of marketing experience in every website

As the owner of the business, I have my hands in EVERY website we develop.  My vision and my input is either directly inside of your website or it is being guided and reviewed by me.  I have more than 25 years of marketing, advertising, and small business ownership experience that is poured into each site.  We ONLY want to make you a site that gets you business and that take real marketing experience.

We utilizes known and proven marketing methods for websites to produce results for your website.  We don’t use guessing, or our own personal usage of the web as a guide.  Instead we use truly proven methods.  This aspect alone can outperform most websites by other similar web designers.

Call today for a no charge, consultation to see how your company can benefit with an Altra Website. 805-765-1080