Useful Products & Services

In my business, I work with a number of different products and services that really help.  So, I thought I’d let you know about them too.  I either use these products myself or confidently and proudly refer my valuable clients to them.  I hope they can help you too.


Are you like every other net citizen out there that has trouble saving and remembering passwords?  No doubt you are.  Passwords are a big headache.  For many years now I have been using a software program that is installed on my office computers, my tablets and phones too.

I only have to remember ONE password!  With Roboform, every website that you go to with a password, it will save it for you.  Then, later when you want to use that password again, all you have to do is enter the Master Password to access all of your passwords.  The passwords stay with you everywhere your computer or phones are too.  The trial for up to 10 passwords is FREE, and only about $30 a year for more features to sync everywhere and unlimited passwords.  I HIGHLY recommend this program.

More to come later.