Website FAQs

How do we write the content for your website?

Your website’s content has many important and valuable functions:

  1. It tells Google and other search engines where your company belongs in their search engine results pages.
  2. It sells your prospective customers on your business.
  3. It provides valuable information to prospects, customers and any other interested parties.

Because it is so important to get the content right, we handle this for you.  To do that job well, we conduct an interview with the business owner or other key personnel that can answer our questions.  We need to know why people should do business with you and what you offer.  Our questionnaire is long and gives us enough information to properly write the content for your site.  We have found it’s much better for you when we write the content and you give us the edits and changes.

Can Altra provide photography for the website?

For many cases, a website use stock photography to enhance the visual appeal and personality of a website.  We have accounts to purchase the stock photography for that purpose.

Additionally, we offer our own photography services for local business within driving distance.  We keep our rates much more affordable than full time photographers.  However, our quality is very good for the purposes of most websites.  We will tell you when you need to hire someone different if it is outside of our comfortable capabilities.

What are Altra’s business hours and how do I reach you?

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 5:30PM, except major holidays.  You can reach via email, or phone.

What are the other costs for the website?

Altra has no other charges for the website.  There are two other costs for a website, though.  The first is to the cost to register your domain name which usually runs about $10-15 per YEAR.    The second cost is for the website hosting.  This typically runs less than $10 per month, payable yearly.  We can recommend and set you up with providers for hosting and registration, but we do NOT provide it because that is a bad practice for most businesses.  It is best for you to separate your registration and hosting from your web design company.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a practice that aids in getting your website high rankings in the search engines like Google.  There are two parts of SEO.  The first is on-site SEO, the other is off-site SEO.  On Site SEO includes research of the search words your target audience truly uses to find your business or product locally.  Once the search words have been determined, then those words and phrases are used throughout the website in a myriad of ways.

Off-site SEO includes the ethical building of links from other websites to yours.  It also is the in-bound and out-bound usage of Social Media.  Generally, the bigger the web footprint your company has, the more likely your site will rise to the top.

What are Altra’s SEO practices?

We are experts at on-site SEO and most of our clients’ websites rank at or near the top even in competitive situations.  Each website has 100’s of opportunities to help the search engines determine where you belong in the results pages.  We are very familiar with all of the techniques to do this.  WE DO NOT do any “Black-hat” SEO practices.  Black hat SEO uses methods that will one day be frowned up by the SE’s.  We only use methods that are positive and will not harm your business in the long run.

We help with both on-site and off-site SEO practices.

What is a Conversion Ratio?

When a prospective customer calls your company and a receptionist or sales person answers, there is a rate of conversion of that call to become a customer.  Likewise, your website visitor-to-customer conversion has a rate as well.  Altra Web Design has become one of the most respected and referred company around to help improve conversion ratios for small business dealing locally.

What is a Bounce Rate?

When a searcher types into Google their search phrase, a results page appears.  When the search clicks on your link in the list, then visits your site and immediately clicks the back button to the search results – this is a bounce.  The percentage that this occurs is your bounce rate.  The Bounce Rate is the best way for Google to know how well your website is built for the visitors.  They use this factor to help determine who belongs at the top of the list.

What is Domain Name Registration and Hosting?

A domain name registrar is a company that registers your domain name for your website.  The registrar has two functions: 1) register your domain name so no one else can and 2) tell the world where your website is hosted so it can see your website.

The host provider is a company that holds the files that represent your website.  This can be a different company from your registrar.

What are your web design philosophies?

In today’s web climate, we must do certain things in a website to keep a visitor engaged and feeling positive about the site.  Just like attitudes of your employees impact your sales revenues, so do your website’s ingredients.  Your website must not raise anxiety or frustration.  It must be simple for your visitors to find exactly what they need, quickly and clearly.

To those ends, we have numerous design standards that we adhere to for the benefit of greater results.  For example, people typically see certain things in certain places that act in a certain way on websites.  These are called “Conventions.”  We use those conventions to make it easy for visitors to interact with your site.  When we introduce a new way of doing something that people haven’t encountered before, you cause a pause and anxiety.

We pay attention to the emotions that are being created as your visitor interacts with the site.  We do our best to stay away from tactics that alarm and frustrate people.  We maximize ingredients that endear your visitor to your site and help them feel positive emotions such as trustworthy, friendly, welcoming, helpful and professional.

Do you use proprietary code?

Some web designers like to custom code your website in their own proprietary way.  There are many problems with this practice.  One, the site can be phenomenally more expensive for no tangible benefit to you.  Two, you are locked into doing business with that particular designer; you choices are very limited (this is the main reason they do this).

We design our client websites in a non-proprietary way using open source software that saves you $1000s, is more expandable and can be serviced by 1000’s of website designers all over the world.  Our websites have constant updates that continue to make it better, more secure and have more capabilities.  We use open source software that literally saves you at least $25,000 in custom programming.

Why shouldn’t I just use a cheap or free website?

We live in a pretty awesome time when it comes to choices.  Today if you have the time, skills and inclination you can build a website for free or really cheap.  You can also hire someone with little experience and skill very affordably.  For many business people this is just not a good option for them because of the outcome.

You put up a website for the results it gives you, not just to have a website.  You wouldn’t buy a car that can’t drive, and you shouldn’t get a website that can’t drive customers to your business either.

To produce a website property that truly drives traffic it requires many ingredients, not just pages.  Each page must be well thought-out and include tactics that produce traffic or converts traffic into customers.  This takes the human touch and takes time.  Not just anyone can get those results.  It takes serious training, and lots of experience to get it right.  That’s why Altra is one of the highest referred web design firms for miles around because we get it right and we do it affordably.