What is responsive web design?

Responsive Website Design Mockup

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a term used to describe a website that adapts to the size of the device that is viewing it.  With RWD your website will look good, be useful and engaging and helpful on every size device from a smart phone to a super huge monitor.

Responsive Web Design finally offers a solution that future proofs websites from devices that come along.  It allows your customers to see your site on their smartphone and find the same content on their desktop computer.

What about Mobile Only websites?

In the web design world, we used to think that creating a separate mobile website was the solution to the increase of smartphones.  With a mobile site we would pare back the available content and reconfigure the content to make it fit on the smaller screen.  Unfortunately, though this has some pitfalls.  The biggest of which is your customers want the same content found on BOTH versions of your site.  Some people look you up on their desktop computer at work, for example.  Then, later they want to view your site again on their smart phone or iPad Mini.  We became aware that users were getting frustrated by the differences in the two sites.

Responsive means one site delivered differently depending on the device viewing it.