We convert site visitors into business for you!

Grumpy senior man on telephone
Grumpy employees don’t convert prospects into customers very well. Neither do poorly designed websites!

When a call comes into your office from a new prospect, and you have a grumpy, unfriendly, unhelpful employee answering, you greatly reduce the chances of converting that caller into a customer, client or patient. Right?

That same challenge exists with small business websites. If your website creates the right set of emotions for that visitor, he or she is more likely to contact your company. It’s really quite simple.


Unfortunately, on the web, it works this way:

  1. A person types the key words in to the Search Engines for a business, product or service they need or want.
  2. A list of potential businesses are listed on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that match the search.
  3. The searcher clicks on the first link that looks like a good fit.
  4. They arrive on your website and instantly make a snap judgement about it.  If that judgement is good, they stay, look around, then contact your business.  Success!
  5. If the judgement is bad, though, they click the back button to head back to the list of your competitors and choose someone else.
  6. In the end, if the judgement is bad, YOU PAID TO HELP CREATE BUSINESS FOR YOUR COMPETITOR!

In the online world, the decision to use your business or your competitor’s happens at lightning speed!

All of this is done in amazing speed today.  In the offline world, you have an advantage.  For one, if a prospect drove across town to your business, parked, got out of their car, came inside and was greeted — you have a much better chance of turning them into a paying customer.  This is because they just invested time and energy and an emotional commitment to come to your store.  This makes them less likely to leave.  It also gives you a chance to assess them better and figure out a way to turn them into a customer.

Your website MUST develop the right emotions before they will emotionally commit to using your business. That is as simple as I can explain it. You know this too, because you purposely employ people that will connect with your customers and prospects better than a grumpy, unhelpful one would. Your employees develop a trusting, friendly, helpful and welcoming emotion with your prospects. Otherwise those prospects would not convert into business for you. Just make sure you do the same thing with your website — IT’S NOT ANY DIFFERENT!

How we create your website to convert prospects into business for you

We have a stellar reputation for creating websites that perform at high conversion ratios. We receive calls frequently to redesign small business websites that are performing poorly with conversions. Our redesigns have resulted in substantially greater numbers of new customers for those clients. We have seen clients with pay-per-click advertising campaigns that were getting poor to mediocre responses from the site visitors.  After redesigning their sites, we have seen exponential increases in their results.  In other words, they pay the same amount for their pay-per-click advertising, but now the same money generates 10 to 20 times more business.

When designing a website for high conversion ratios, it is important to create the right emotions for the right prospective customers, clients or patients.  We start by determining which emotions need to be created.  We interview you to fully understand on a granular level, who your best prospects and customers are — first.  Then we create the site that will work well for your particular situation.


Each website we create is custom made for your needs.  We integrate as much of your business branding and personality as possible to give the professional polish and emotion the site needs to convert well.